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Name: Mrs Emma Johnson
Company: Head Teacher - All Saints CEVA Primary School, Wellingborough, UK
Quote: My daughters have always used your music for their song and dance solos etc. for dance festival work and for the last five years my school has used the tracks for our whole school productions .
I can’t praise the tracks enough and with the lyrics also its makes our life so much easier .

Name: Carol Buljubasich
Company: Australian Dance School
Quote: We are gearing up for our local and district eisteddfod in early May so
we are really busy. You will be pleased to hear that the children doing
song and dances are all your tunes : Nobody, God help the outcasts,
Pulled, I see the Light, I love a piano, Almost there, Name in
Lights, If my friends, Born to entertain. - We could not have had
any better versions of the songs, all children can sing them.

Once again thanks so much for all your efforts

Name: Sian Ross
Company: Rovin Productions Theatre Company, Glasgow, Scotland
Quote: I’ve already posted a testimonial on this site, but I have to do so again because every time I use Theatre Music Shop I am very impressed by the quality of the music you offer. Some tracks are just not available elsewhere; certainly not of the same standard. Thank you so much!
Best wishes,
Sian Ross


Name: Mavis Whiteside, NCDTA Examiner & past Chairman of the Theatre Branch
Company: Newcastle Dance Centre
Quote: It is with great pleasure that I review this wonderful CD, ‘Senior Ballet 2’ by Guy Dearden.

I highly recommend this comprehensive class CD as not only is it wonderful for Ballet, it is also suitable for many styles of dance. These include Modern, Tap, Musical Theatre, Ballroom, Classical Sequence and vocal work too!

There is an excellent variety of Rhythms and Time Signatures which is useful for all styles and levels of class, including professional training.

As an NCDTA Examiner and past chairman of the Theatre Branch, we have used many of Guy’s Ballet CDs for our graded examinations, so I was delighted to hear this new CD and I was not disappointed! I love the blend of ‘old and new’ tracks which will appeal to all ages and abilities.

A versatile and extremely useful CD, which I’m sure fellow dance teachers will enjoy!


Name: Sian Ross
Company: Rovin Productions Theatre Company, Glasgow, Scotland
Quote: Without doubt the range and quality of music available from Theatre Music Shop are superb. You have so many numbers that are impossible to find elsewhere, besides which, just looking through your site gives me loads of inspiration!
Please keep this fabulous business going!


Name: Michelle Hallett
Company: Shelly Academy of Dance, Rugby, England
Quote: As a dance teacher it is often a challenge to find suitable music for class and stage work but Guy gets it right every time! His tracks are inspirational and always 'just what you've been looking for!' A must for every dance teacher!

Name: Julia Trillo
Company: The Benson Stage Academy - Whitby (UK)
Quote: I have used Guy’s music extensively for many years, not only for class Ballet,Tap and Musical Theatre, but also in our annual Christmas variety show production.

His musicianship is unequalled in the Dance School Music world. A very extensive range of superb musical arrangements are available to Dance Teachers covering the whole spectrum of class and show work.
Guy recently produced a fabulous fully orchestrated show opening for me and did an excellent job of it. I hope to continue my association with Guy and his Music for many years to come. Bravo Guy.


Name: Colette Fenlon-Byatt, MA Dance Studies
Company: Chiltern Dance Studio, Liverpool, England
Quote: Guy Dearden has a brilliant insight into both Teachers and children's musical requirements enhancing both solo and group performances with his vast experience in the dance world. Thank you Guy for your wonderful unique choice of music and your patience in helping me choose wisely. Nothing is ever too much trouble!

Name: Ian Meeson, IDTA Examiner - Review of Showtime Hits 20 album
Company: IDTA
Quote: I recently purchased "showtime Hits 20". The CD is great, with such a versatile playlist of Musical Theatre instrumental tracks perfect for song and dance and show numbers. I was particularly pleased with the mixture of ages of songs, some from older musicals such as 'The Trolley Song' made famous by Judy Garland, to 'Bend and Snap' from the recent musical 'Legally Blonde'.

All the tracks are orchestrated and have a subtle melody guideline throughout, which I'm sure will be useful for students and teachers. I personally will be using the track 'Take Off With Us' from the musical 'All That Jazz'. It's a great number and although difficult to count with it's tricky phrasing, I love the challenge, as do my Musical Theatre students.

Well done Guy, I knew you were good when you accompanied my tap exam all those years ago!

Name: Jackie Crumell - Examiner BTDA
Company: Dance 10 Theatre School
Quote: We have been associated with Guy Dearden for nearly 20yrs using music from the many genres available. The service guy gives has been exceptional and to a very high standard. We have had pieces recorded especially for us and these have been much better than anything else available. His website is the first place I visit for new music for my dance school especially for shows and competition pieces. Many thanks guy I look forward to many more years great service and music.

Name: Sharon Haydon
Company: Haydon's Dance Academy, Doncaster, England
Quote: I have been using music from Guy for a number of years now ....the class CD`s are particularly useful for imrpovisation or just free work. Also when I have struggled to find a specific song in a backing track - Guy has been really helpful and has very kindly laid the music down for me to the correct length of time and it has worked perfectly. This is such a useful and beneficial music website ...please keep up the hard work.

Name: Julie Hutchings
Company: Prima Stage School, Aylesford, England
Quote: I have used music from Guy Dearden’s Theatre Music Shop for many years. All the music whether for class work or shows is very inspiring and Guy will even arrange tracks to suit individual’s including track length and tempo. He is always extremely helpful.

Name: Sophie Miller
Company: The Ballet Workshop School of Dance - Stoke on Trent, UK.
Quote: My school uses your music constantly, its perfect.

Name: Lindsay Pollard
Company: Ribble Valley Dance, Lancashire, UK
Quote: Fabulous Pre-School Ballet classes today. What a great start to the week!

Highlight: our 'picnic' which was disturbed by a bumble bee, windy weather and then pouring rain, causing us all to run round in excitement! Thanks Guy Dearden for your wonderful music! (Baby Ballet 2 album)

Name: Vicki Scaglione
Company: Dancing teacher - Tasmania
Quote: What an AMAZING site. I am in dancing teacher heaven.
Thank you so much.

Name: Juliette Sinclair - Director
Company: Lyrics and Laughter Productions, Hampshire, UK
Quote: We have been using guy's backing tracks for a few years now for our productions and we have never been disappointed. Especially the Music Hall tracks which are hard to come by. Guy has also been very helpful with editing tracks where possible. Very professional! I would highly reccomend his site.

Name: Denise Skinner - IDTA Examiner - Review of Baby Showtime albums
Company: IDTA
Quote: The Baby Showtime albums provide a wealth of old favourites and delightful compilations to introduce to to days tiny tots. Teachers will also enjoy a trip down memory lane as well as finding new inspiration in the selections.

Both albums provide a wide variety of themes suitable for show or classwork. They also contain lovely ideas for scenes such as "The Magic Doll Shop" and "In the Night Garden". Song sheets and track listings can be printed off for free from the web site.

Name: Karen Yates
Company: Karen Yates School of Dance, Stourbridge, England
Quote: Guy Dearden's music is absolutely fantastic! I love all the music and it's music for everyone! I'm quite old-fashioned so Guy Dearden's music is great for the shows I produce. The ballet music is lovely too because my pupils seem to relate to all the very fashionable music that Guy has produced. I'm a dance examiner and I must admit some of the schools I adjudicate also use his music! The 'Showtime' cd's are amazing too, such big powerful numbers which sound great on my big show productions and pantomimes. I for one will keep purchasing Guy Dearden's music, I am more than satisfied with this inspirational music, and it's great to hearing people leaving my productions talking about the lovely choice of music I use! Keep the music coming!!

Name: Cynthia Carr - Fellow and Examiner ISTD - Review of Song and Dance albums 1 - 11
Company: Dance International Magazine (IDTA publication May 2011 Vol 9 - No 3))
Quote: At last a compilation of songs with great arrangements, full of interest and impact timed to the exact correct length. A series of eleven albums with excellent variety on each one. Guy Dearden has tremendous experience in the dance school world and has produced these in keys that are suitable for young voices. The selection is suitable for all ages. Some old favourites that never lose their popularity, along with some from all the latest shows.

Each album contains 16, 17 or 18 numbers which last for 2, 2.5 or 3 minutes. This means that all the hard work is taken away from the preparation of numbers with strict time limits, which is a real boon for teachers.

The sound is presented on synthesiser, fully orchestrated but with sympathetic adjustment of volume and orchestration for the singing sections. The music provides a good build up which helps develop a strong climax and gives plenty of opportunity for the choreographer to put his/her stamp on the selected number. Song sheets and copyright information is available for each number and it is possible to download individual tracks from each album.

I am sure you will enjoy these albums and find them a help when preparing numbers for your pupils for competition work or forthcoming productions.

Cynthia Carr - Fellow and Examiner ISTD (Ballet, Modern, Tap and Classical Greek), ARAD, MIDTA, PGCA, Honorary Life Member AED, Honorary Friend of the British Federation of Festivals and All England Dance Chairman (retired)

Name: Lynda Cardwell - IDTA Examiner - Junior Showtime 6 Review
Company: IDTA
Quote: Another extremely usable album from Guy Dearden full of arrangements most suitable for festival, musical theatre and medal test dances. Song sheets are also available from Guy's web site at no extra charge. Definitely worth checking out!

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