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Friends of Theatre Music Shop

Drama Groups - The central site for Amateur Dramatic Groups and Societies. Swap ideas; advertise shows and auditions; look for props and costumes; find or advertise a script. A central source of information for any aspect of the art of Amateur Dramatics.

Name: The British Music Hall Society
Dance School:

Name: Simon Long (Founder)
Dance School: The Fine Voice Academy of Singing, Music and Performing Arts

Name: Peter Hollis, Theatre technician
Dance School: The Fisher Theatre, Bungay, Suffolk, UK

Name: Alison Wright - Principal
Dance School: Chris Wright's School of Dance and Drama, Southport, UK

Name: Laura Harwood - Founder
Dance School: Performing Arts Tutor, on line teacher resource

Name: Sian Dewis (Principal)
Dance School: Sandford School of Dance, Bedford, UK

Name: Clare Quinn & Miss Catriona Murdock (Management Team)
Dance School: CC Dance Company, Bradford, UK

Name: Fiona Smith (Principal)
Dance School: Fiona Watson School of Dance, Cheadle Hulme, Manchester, UK

Name: Rachel Thompson
Dance School: We Love To Dance, Shalford, Surrey, UK

Name: ISTD
Dance School: Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing

Name: IDTA
Dance School: International Dance Teachers Association

Name: NATD
Dance School: National Association of Teachers of Dancing

Dance School: Northern Counties Dance Teacher Association Ltd

Name: PTD
Dance School: Professional Teachers of Dancing

Name: IDS
Dance School: International Dance Supplies Ltd

Name: DTOL
Dance School: Dance Teachers On Line

Name: Katie Burridge
Dance School: Stephanie Bridge School of Dancing, Barnsley, England

I just wanted to say I downloaded animal crackers last week and my little girl did it for a song and dance in a dance festival today-such a good version!

Thank you so much!

Name: Jackie Crumell
Dance School: Dance 10 Theatre School

Name: Judith Essex
Dance School: Judith Essex School of Dancing, Kent, England

Name: Wendy Hazelby
Dance School: Hazelbiz Performers Academy, Doncaster, England

Name: Julia Howard-Trillo
Dance School: Julia Benson Stage Academy, Whitby, UK
Guy's musicianship is unequalled in the Dance School Music world. A very extensive range of superb musical arrangements are available to Dance Teachers covering the whole spectrum of class and show work.

Name: Julie Hutchings
Dance School: Prima Stage School, Aylesford, England

Name: Julie Johnson, BTDA, Dip.RSA
Dance School: Julie Johnson School of Dancing
I always go straight to Guy Dearden's Theatre Music Shop for inspiration for my Shows and am never disappointed. Guy has also edited songs for me and done this quickly and efficently. I am really impressed with the service.

Name: Janice Marshall
Dance School: Janice Marshall Stage School, Troon, Scotland

Name: Nadine McKenzie Judge
Dance School: McKechnies School of Dance, Grangemouth, Scotland
Guy Dearden's music brings out the best in our dancers, allowing them to have the very best arrangement's to perform to. Nobody does it better than theatre music shop!

Name: Rachel Kemp
Dance School: P.I.N.K Academy of Dance, Denham, England
Theatre music shop is so useful. It has many great tracks for all ages to suit beginners to advanced. I would recommend it to anyone for Shows & Festivals! We use your music at out annual BUCKS Festival with great success.

Name: Anthea King
Dance School: The Anthea King School of Dancing, South Glamorgan, Wales

Name: Helen Laxton
Dance School: Helen Laxton School of Dancing
I have been using your music for many years for class and show work and nowhere else have I found such suitable music which such a variety of tunes, there really is something in your catlogue to suit every dance occasion. Please keep the new music coming!!!

Name: Mavis Whiteside
Dance School: Newcastle Dance Centre
As an NCDTA Examiner and past chairman of the Theatre Branch, we have used many of Guy’s Ballet CDs for our graded examinations, so I was delighted to hear of his new album "Senior Ballet 2" and I was not disappointed! I love the blend of ‘old and new’ tracks which will appeal to all ages and abilities.

Name: Helen Laxton
Dance School: The Somerset School of Performing Arts

Name: Angela Protopapa
Dance School: Whitton Centre Dance Academy, Hampton, England
I have always loved your work. You bring energy and atmosphere to all of your recordings. Thanks Guy

Name: Tina Rose
Dance School: ClubDanSing, Costa del Sol, Spain

Name: Mavis Whiteside (NCDTA Chairwoman)
Dance School: Newcastle Dance Centre, Newcastle, England

Name: Sarah Watson
Dance School: Swindon Academy of Dance, England
I have used many cd's and personalised arrangements by Guy. Many adjudicators have commented on their suitability and originality. Such a fantastic service.

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