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Terms and Conditions

All music on this web site is subject to copyright law.

Unauthorised copying, sale, hiring, lending, synchronisation and public performance are strictly prohibited. Public performance licenses can be obtained from your local performing rights society.

Permissible uses of music purchased from Theatre Music Shop & Guy Dearden
All music on this website is licensed for personal use and is registered with the PPL. You do not need permission from Guy Dearden or Theatre Music Shop to use in dance studios, halls, theatres or on TV. However, Performing rights should be cleared by the performing organisation or venue responsible for public performance of the music. This is usually done through a blanket license arrangement with the PRS (Performing Rights Society) and the PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) in the UK or similar relevant societies in overseas territories.
You are permitted to record your downloaded music onto CD or other storage devices, but you are not permitted to make multiple copies, sell, hire, lend or synchronise to still or motion picture.
The broadcast and sale of music on this web site is licensed by the MCPS-PRS alliance under the LOEL agreement. In addition the music on this web site is also licensed for broadcast on TV and Radio.
Lyrics for some songs can be accessed by clicking on the “book” icon next to the song title.
Please note however that all lyrics are property and copyright of their owners, and are provided for educational purposes only.
If you are a UK customer and are using Guy Dearden and Theatre Music Shop tracks or albums in a PPLPRS.co.uk licence (class work or performance), then please declare your usage HERE. This will make no difference to the cost of your licence but may help PPL distribute royalty payments fairly.

Conditions of Sale

By purchasing music from Theatre Music Shop & Guy Dearden you agree to the following conditions:

● You will abide by the copyright restrictions laid out above.
● You will not hold Theatre Music Shop or Guy Dearden responsible for any financial loss or emotional effect resulting from music purchased on this web-site.
● You understand that it is your responsibility to correctly download, store safely and where necessary burn the music to CD. Advice is offered on the web-site, but it is ultimately your responsibility to be capable of using your own equipment.
● You understand that no refund can be given unless our systems show that you have not attempted to download your chosen track. If you have ordered a CD that has been damaged in transit or is faulty then please contact us for a replacement within 1 week of delivery.
● You are not permitted to copy any part of this web-site, including text or images.
● You agree not to post offensive or defamatory comments about any part of this web site. You also understand that we cannot be held responsible for the conduct and views of users accessing non moderated elements of our web-site.
● Any links to other websites from our own are not reviewed. They are there for your convenience and we are not responsible for their relevance or suitability.
● Track durations shown on this website are the musical length and do not include silence at the beginning or end of a track.
● All England competition rules state that performance times are checked from the first note or word of the accompaniment, or the first movement of the performer, to the last movement at completion of the performance. A musical exit may be included provided it falls within the time limit. However - sometimes it is very difficult to finish a track exactly on the time limit and slight over-runs are normally permissible BUT it is your responsibility to check this with the competition organizers.

Discount Codes

Discount Coupon Codes (e.g. SALE) will be occasionally offered to mailing list clients and Facebook friends of Theatre Music Shop. It is the responsibility of the customer to make use of any applicable discount coupon codes in the payment area before committing to buy. Discounts will not be given after the payment has been made.

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