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Theatre Music Shop for Music CDs and MP3 downloads. The largest on-line supplier of professional instrumental recordings and backing tracks for dancing schools, ballet schools, dance teachers, students and theatre performers. All played and recorded by Guy Dearden - Leading supplier of music to the dance industry and provider of exam music for the ISTDNATD, PTD and NCTDA.

Theatre Music Shop, leading supplier of tap dance music, ballet class music, baby ballet music, festival music, children’s dance class music, adult tap music, music for school shows, modern stage, national, character, Christmas pantomimes, backing tracks, audition songs, vocal training, competition music and more. Specialist and novelty music for pre-school and nursery children, Disney songs, musical theatre, song and dance and even Old Time Music Hall!

Top Selling Albums

New albums OUT NOW! Best of Broadway 4 & 5 and Junior Showtime 8. Tracks added weekly - Join our maling list to receive regular updates. Click here.


Title: Listen MP3 Price Buy MP3
What Do You Know We've Got A Show 3:45 £6.00 Buy
Do-Re-Me (Reprise) 2:35 £5.00 Buy
Sailor Medley No (2) 4:08 £6.00 Buy
For Good 4:58 £5.99 Buy
Expressing Yourself 4:06 £5.99 Buy
A Better Life 3:46 £5.99 Buy
There's Gotta Be Something Better Than This 2:31 £4.99 Buy
I Have Confidence 2:25 £5.00 Buy
Naughty 4:09 £5.99 Buy
Revolting Children 2:30 £4.99 Buy
Top Selling Tracks MP3
Title: Listen MP3 Price Buy MP3
Frozen (5 songs from the film in one download package) 29:00 £14.99 Buy
For the First Time in Forever 3:40 £5.99 Buy
In Summer 2:05 (Male vocal) £3.99 Buy
Love Is An Open Door 2:02 £3.99 Buy
Let it Go 2:33 £4.99 Buy
Do You Want To Build A Snowman? 2:00 £3.99 Buy
I'm A Brass Band 4:30 £5.99 Buy
When You're An Addams 3:02 £4.99 Buy
We Got Annie 2:24 £4.99 Buy
Telly 2:37 (young boy/girl vocal) £4.99 Buy
Latest Tracks MP3
Title: Listen MP3 Price Buy MP3
The Best Of Broadway 1 (complete album) 43:05 Play £9.99 Buy
Class Tap 1 (complete album) 46:01 Play £9.99 Buy
Showtime Hits 15 (complete album) 38:25 Play £9.99 Buy
Song and Dance 02 (complete album) 44:22 Play £9.99 Buy
Senior Ballet 1 (complete album) 73:16 Play £9.99 Buy
Junior Showtime 4 (complete album) 35:59 Play £9.99 Buy
Junior Ballet 1 (complete album) 65:59 Play £9.99 Buy
Ballet Variations 1 (complete album) 71:58 Play £9.99 Buy
Baby Ballet 1 (complete album) 60:55 Play £9.99 Buy
Adult Tap 1 (complete album) 60:09 Play £9.99 Buy
MP3 Top Selling Albums
Title: Listen MP3 Price Buy MP3
The Best Of Broadway 5 (complete album) 43:00 Play £9.99 Buy
The Best Of Broadway 4 (complete album) 49:00 Play £9.99 Buy
Junior Showtime 8 (complete album) 36:00 Play £9.99 Buy
Baby Tap 1 (complete album) 51:06 Play £9.99 Buy
Showtime Hits 20 (complete album) 45:23 Play £9.99 Buy
Tap Variations 1 (complete album) 32:46 Play £9.99 Buy
Song and Dance 11 (complete album) 44:16 Play £9.99 Buy
Modern Variations 1 (complete album) 47:01 Play £9.99 Buy
Class Ballet 2 (complete album) 31:43 Play £9.99 Buy
Baby Showtime 2 (complete album) 50:15 Play £9.99 Buy
MP3 Latest Albums
Title: Listen MP3 Price Buy MP3
Baby Showtime 1 (complete album) 52:25 Play £9.99 Buy
Showtime Hits 19 (complete album) 40:54 Play £9.99 Buy
Junior Showtime 6 (complete album) 40:37 Play £9.99 Buy
The Best Of Broadway 2 (complete album) 52:06 Play £9.99 Buy
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