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Theatre Music Shop for MP3  Track downloads and Album downloads. The largest on-line supplier of professional instrumental recordings and backing tracks for dancing schools, ballet schools, dance teachers, students and theatre performers. All played and recorded by Guy Dearden - Leading supplier of music to the dance industry and provider of exam music for the ISTD, NATD, PTD and NCDTA.

Theatre Music Shop, leading supplier of tap dance music, ballet class music, baby ballet music, festival music, children’s dance class music, adult tap music, music for school shows, modern stage, national, character, Christmas pantomimes, backing tracks, audition songs, vocal training, competition music and more. Specialist and novelty music for pre-school and nursery children, Disney songs, musical theatre, song and dance and even Old Time Music Hall!

Featured Tracks and Albums

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I Want it All 2:32 (Barbie and the Secret Door) lyrics £5.00 Add to Cart
I Want It All 2:05 (Barbie and the Secret Door) lyrics £4.00 Add to Cart
I Hope I Get It 6:28 lyrics £6.00 Add to Cart
I'm Not Ready to be a Princess 2:00 lyrics £4.00 Add to Cart
When I Get My Name in Lights 1:57 lyrics £4.00 Add to Cart
All Aboard For Broadway 1:30 (girl vocal) lyrics £3.00 Add to Cart
Musical Theatre Boys 3:30 lyrics £6.00 Add to Cart
The Understudy 4:20 lyrics £6.00 Add to Cart
Show Business 2:26 lyrics £5.00 Add to Cart
Big Time 2:55 lyrics £6.00 Add to Cart
Sailor Medley No (2) 4:08 lyrics CD £6.00 Add to Cart
When Veruca Says 2:00 lyrics £4.00 Add to Cart
Telly 2:37 (young boy/girl vocal) lyrics CD £5.00 Add to Cart
Frozen (Medley) 5:03 lyrics £6.00 Add to Cart
Frozen (5 songs from the film in one download package) 29:00 lyrics £15.00 Add to Cart
Paddington Bear (Steady Song) 2:46 lyrics £6.00 Add to Cart
Toot Sweets 4:12 lyrics £6.00 Add to Cart

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